Zoom Test Room 8/28-29

We will set up a Zoom test room on August 28 (Mon.) and  29 (Tue.).

Please make sure to test your audio, camera connections and document sharing before your presentations.

Online meeting tools are different depending on which program you will be attending.

Program Online Meeting Tool
Regular Sessions (Contributed / Invited) Zoom Meeting
Symposium Zoom Webinar (Speakers and session chairs will join as “Panelist” while other participants will join as “Audience” )
Tutorial Zoom Webinar (Lectors and facilitators will join as “Panelist” while other participants will join as “Audience”.


Open Hours
【Dates】 August 28 (Mon.)and 29 (Tue.), 2023
【Contacts】 For any inquiries, please contact at meeting(at)jsap.or.jp.

・Download the latest version of Zoom on your computer and test the connection.
・If your company/organization does not allow you to download the Zoom app, please connect via a web browser.
・Read “Presenter Guidelines” (and “Session Chairs Guidelines” if you will be a session chair) beforehand and test the operation.
・Make sure to test sharing your presentation file.
・If you play a video file during your presentation, please check if the sound in sync with the image.
・Other participants might be viewing the webinar as audience. Please be careful with the contents you will be sharing.

Zoom Meeting Room

Room 1  Room 2


Zoom Webinar Room

For Presenters and Session Chairs (those who join as “Panelists”)

Room 5 Room 6


For Audience 

Room 5 Room 6