Symposium (non-technical)

Date Hours Room No. Symposium Title
10:00 – 12:10 Z01 NT2 <open to public>Critical Role of Semiconductor Technology: Shaping Auto Industry on “New Normal” Infrastructure and Challenges by Cutting-Edge Researchers
13:30  – 17:15 Z16 NT1 Think about applied physics in space
13:30 – 18:00 Z16 NT3 <open to public>To accelerate social implementations of applied-physic technologies related to integrated circuits

Symposium (technical)

Date Hours Room No. Category
Symposium Title
13:30 – 17:05 Z04 T2

3.Optics and Photonics

Innovation and development of new business created by photonics III – Photonic startups launched from universities and national institutes-

09:00 – 16:50 Z06 T3

6.Thin Films and Surfaces

The Third-generation dissimilar materials bonding and its application to the film growth control: Interface nano-kubernetes

09:30 – 17:15 Z01 T4

6.Thin Films and Surfaces

Extreme environmental nano-interface science connecting materials and devices

09:00 – 16:00 Z15 T8

7.Beam Technology and Nanofabrication

Optical functions of thin films studied by various quantum beams

13:30 – 17:30 Z02 T14

15.Crystal Engineering

Materials Science and Advanced Electronics Created by Singularity of Nitride Semiconductors
~Frontiers in defect physics: Concerted approach of characterization and theory~

10:00 – 17:45 Z28 T16

15.Crystal Engineering

Development of the engineering for the diverse stable phases ~Objectives for the future environment, energy materials and devices

10:00 – 16:45 Z03 T19

Joint Session N “Informatics”

<open to public>What comes after ” Materials Informatics”

13:30 – 16:15 Z14 T1

2.Ionizing Radiation

Recent studies of Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT)

13:30 – 16:40 Z07 T5

6.Thin Films and Surfaces

Innovation with all-solid-state batteries: from basics to future prospects

13:30 – 17:30 Z06 T7

6.Thin Films and Surfaces/12.Organic Molecules and Bioelectronics

The fusion of multidimensional measurement technologies and data science toward the progress of bioimaging and biosensing techniques

13:30 – 17:35 Z03 T10

9.Applied Materials Science

Novel Function and Technology Based on Ensemble Phenomenon

13:30 – 17:20 Z08 T11

10.Spintronics and Magnetics

Recent Progress in Nonvolatile Memory technologies – Spintronic, Phase-change, Resistive and Ferroelectric-

13:30 – 18:00 Z02 T15

15.Crystal Engineering

Functionality and science of transparent crystals: Ecosystems created by deep ultraviolet emitters

13:30 – 17:00 Z07 T6

6.Thin Films and Surfaces

The interplay of ions and electrons in functional oxides towards new development of energy creating and storage devices

13:30 – 17:20 Z03 T9

8.Plasma Electronics

Frontier of Research on Mechanism of Plasma-induced Biological Reactions

13:30 – 17:05 Z01 T12

11. Superconductivity

Advanced measurement technology realized by superconductor -Recent applications of SQUID-

13:30 – 17:45 Z15 T13


Recent progress in Advanced Ion Microscopy: Application to nano materials / devices and life science

13:30 – 18:30 Z29 T17

17.Nanocarbon Technology

Science of 2-dimensional materials: New science and applications of 2-dimensional materials and their integrated structures

09:30 – 16:50 Z13 T18

Joint Session M “Phonon Engineering”

Leading edge of phonon engineering