*Symposium with “〇” in the column “streaming” will be recorded and become available for the participants to watch from September 18.
There are some presentations in the symposia which will not be available to watch on streaming.

Symposium (non-technical)

Date Hours Room No. Symposium Title Streaming
10:00 – 12:10 Z01 NT2 <open to public>Critical Role of Semiconductor Technology: Shaping Auto Industry on “New Normal” Infrastructure and Challenges by Cutting-Edge Researchers  〇
13:30  – 17:15 Z16 NT1 Think about applied physics in space
13:30 – 18:00 Z16 NT3 <open to public>To accelerate social implementations of applied-physic technologies related to integrated circuits  

Symposium (technical)

Date Hours Room No. Category Streaming
Symposium Title
13:30 – 17:05 Z04 T2

3.Optics and Photonics

Innovation and development of new business created by photonics III – Photonic startups launched from universities and national institutes-

09:00 – 16:50 Z06 T3

6.Thin Films and Surfaces

The Third-generation dissimilar materials bonding and its application to the film growth control: Interface nano-kubernetes

09:30 – 17:15 Z01 T4

6.Thin Films and Surfaces

Extreme environmental nano-interface science connecting materials and devices

09:00 – 16:00 Z15 T8

7.Beam Technology and Nanofabrication

Optical functions of thin films studied by various quantum beams

13:30 – 17:30 Z02 T14

15.Crystal Engineering

Materials Science and Advanced Electronics Created by Singularity of Nitride Semiconductors
~Frontiers in defect physics: Concerted approach of characterization and theory~

10:00 – 17:45 Z28 T16

15.Crystal Engineering

Development of the engineering for the diverse stable phases ~Objectives for the future environment, energy materials and devices

10:00 – 16:45 Z03 T19

Joint Session N “Informatics”

<open to public>What comes after ” Materials Informatics”

13:30 – 16:15 Z14 T1

2.Ionizing Radiation

Recent studies of Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT)

13:30 – 16:40 Z07 T5

6.Thin Films and Surfaces

Innovation with all-solid-state batteries: from basics to future prospects

13:30 – 17:30 Z06 T7

6.Thin Films and Surfaces/12.Organic Molecules and Bioelectronics

The fusion of multidimensional measurement technologies and data science toward the progress of bioimaging and biosensing techniques

13:30 – 17:35 Z03 T10

9.Applied Materials Science

Novel Function and Technology Based on Ensemble Phenomenon

13:30 – 17:20 Z08 T11

10.Spintronics and Magnetics

Recent Progress in Nonvolatile Memory technologies – Spintronic, Phase-change, Resistive and Ferroelectric-

13:30 – 18:00 Z02 T15

15.Crystal Engineering

Functionality and science of transparent crystals: Ecosystems created by deep ultraviolet emitters

13:30 – 17:00 Z07 T6

6.Thin Films and Surfaces

The interplay of ions and electrons in functional oxides towards new development of energy creating and storage devices

13:30 – 17:20 Z03 T9

8.Plasma Electronics

Frontier of Research on Mechanism of Plasma-induced Biological Reactions

13:30 – 17:05 Z01 T12

11. Superconductivity

Advanced measurement technology realized by superconductor -Recent applications of SQUID-

13:30 – 17:45 Z15 T13


Recent progress in Advanced Ion Microscopy: Application to nano materials / devices and life science

13:30 – 18:30 Z29 T17

17.Nanocarbon Technology

Science of 2-dimensional materials: New science and applications of 2-dimensional materials and their integrated structures

09:30 – 16:50 Z13 T18

Joint Session M “Phonon Engineering”

Leading edge of phonon engineering