Date Hours Room Related Category
Symporsium Title
14:30~17:00 C24

1.Interdisciplinary Physics and Related Areas of Science and Technology

Manpower Training for Science and Technology Educational Activities and Revitalization for the Kyushu Area

13:00~16:00 A402

3.Optics and Photonics

Novel optical metrologies based on advanced photonics

9:00~17:30 A405

6.Thin Films and Surfaces

Materials Nano-technology: Surfaces and Interfaces of Thin Films and Nano-composites

13:15~18:30 A203

12.Organic Molecules and Bioelectronics

New Trend: Interdisciplinary approach to link biological materials and advanced device applications

13:15~17:15 C19

12.Organic Molecules and Bioelectronics

New developments on flexible energy harvesting devices

13:15~16:45 C16


Advances and future prospects of luminescent devices based on new material and quantum structure

9:30~17:15 S21


The history and future of Multinary Compounds and Solar Cells – 30th anniversary symposium of Professional Group of Multinary Compounds and Solar Cells –

13:30~17:45 A204

15.Crystal Engineering

Science of impurity control in silicon wafers



13:30~17:30 S21

2.Ionizing Radiation

International Linear Collider and Its Technology

13:15~17:15 A411

3.Optics and Photonics

Electromagnetic controls in quantum hybrid systems

13:30~17:30 A202

6.Thin Films and Surfaces

Terahertz optical properties of oxides and the perspective for device applications

13:45~17:30 C19

6.Thin Films and Surfaces 13.Semiconductors

Nanoscale 3D analyses for new device and materials development

13:30~17:30 S22

8.Plasma Electronics

Plasma application for advanced agriculture: creation and control of novel environments for plant growth

13:15~ 17:00 C18

10.Spintronics and Magnetics

Frontier of the studies weaved by light and spins

13:00~16:30 A301

15.Crystal Engineering

Materials Science and Advanced Electronics Created by Singularity of Nitride Semiconductors ~Crystal Growth, Characterization and Application for Advanced GaN Electron Devices~

13:45~19:15 C16

17.Nanocarbon Technology

Latest Application Researches and Future Prospects of Functional Atomic Layers

13:45~17:05 A502

12.Organic Molecules and Bioelectronics

Organic Devices for Sensing to Next Generation of IoT

13:45~17:25 C19


Challenges for‘multi-scale’ processing ― dry, wet, or else?…

13:30~18:30 C18


Film Formation and Low Temperature of IV Element Semiconductor

13:45~18:00 C13


Recent GFIS・advanced ion source microscopy technologies and its future prospects for R & D of materials and devices

13:30~17:30 A201

15.Crystal Engineering

Frontier of the research in dislocations



9:00~15:15 A203

15.Crystal Engineering

III-V semiconductor growth technology for innovative devices

12:45~17:00 A204

Joint Session K

Gallium Oxide : Novel Wide Band-Gap Oxide Material for Future Generation