Luncheon Seminars

Hours 12:15 pm-13:00 pm
Venue Please see the list below.
Fee Free(complimentary lunch included)
*JSAP meeting participants only

List of Luncheon Seminars

Luncheon seminars sponsored by our exhibitors are scheduled during the meeting.

Date Hours Room Seat Sponsor
12:15-13:00 1F 200 SCIVAX Corporation
2H 100 National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)
2V 100 CRESTEC Corporation
12:30-13:15 4F 100 Toray Research Center, Inc.
12:00-12:45 2V 100 Nagoya University
12:15-13:00 2J 80 ELIONIX Inc.
2U 80 WITec K.K.
4F 100 Nippon Roper, K.K.
12:30-13:15 2H 80 National Instruments Corporation

How to Participate

Tickets for the luncheon seminars will be distributed upon presentation of your meeting badge.

Hours: 8:00 am- 11:00 am on the day of the event
*first-come and first-served basis
Location: “Luncheon Seminars” desk at the Registration.

Please make sure to come to the seminar room 5 minutes before the starting time and receive the lunch inexchange of the ticket.
The exchange ticket will become invalid at 5 minutes before the starting time.
Those without the ticket can wait for cancellation. Please come to the venue 5 minutes before the starting time.