Welcome Reception


Date 18:30-21:30 (tentative) , March 16 (Tue.), 2021


18:30- Toast! (@ Zoom meeting main room)
18:45- Free Chat Time(@ Zoom meeting breakout room)
*You can move freely between breakout rooms.

Venue Online *using Zoom breakout room tool
Fee Free
Capacity 300 people *first-come-first-served
How to Participate How to Participate in the Welcome Reception
  • Those who participate in the toast are eligible to win the prize.
  • The reception will be held using Zoom breakout rooms tool. Some functions are not available depending on the version of the Zoom application. Please make sure to download the latest version.


How to Play JSAP BINGO





Please enter the room from the button below.

The venue will open from 18:00, March 16.