Open Symposium

Symposia below are open to everyone.
Please note that all the symposia are in Japanese.

Open Symposium List

Date Sep.11 (Sat.) 13:30 – 17:55 Zoom
Title Symposium in memory of Dr. Isamu Akasaki
Room N101
Date Sep.11 (Sat.) 9:50 – 12:10 Zoom
Title Critical Roles of Evolving Semiconductors in Evolution of AI

 ◆See here for more details.


Room S101
Date Sep.11 (Sat.) 13:30 -18:00 Zoom
Title Quantum Computer: Technologies to build a system, and expected applications


Room S101
Date Sep.13 (Mon.)  <AM> 9:00 -11:45  <PM> 13:30-17:15 Zoom
Title Electrochemical reduction technology toward for the CO2 concentration reducing in the air
Room N201

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