Symposium List
Date Hours Room Category
Symporsium Title
Sep. 17 (Wed.) 9:30-16:30 A13

7 Beam Technology and Nanofabrication

Phase problem in the analysis of buried interfaces by X-ray reflectivity and surface X-ray scattering -
Towards new research with coherent light sources

13:15-17:45 A19

13 Semiconductors A (Silicon)

Low-Temperature Growth of Group-IV Semiconductors on Insulator - Emerging New Crystallization Techniques -

13:30-17:30 A14

13 Semiconductors A (Silicon)

Interfacial nano electrochemistry: Research frontiers of semiconductor wet processes

13:00-17:45 A25

16 Amorphous and Microcrystalline Materials

Current situation and issues of thin-film silicon solar cell technologies

9:15-18:00 S1

17 Nanocarbon Technology

Japan-Korea Joint Symposium on Semiconductor Physics and Technology
– Nano-carbon materials including graphene –

Sept. 18 (Thu.) 13:30-17:00 A23

1 Applied Physics in General

Activity of the scientific enlightenment including upbringing of the student

13:00-17:00 A1

6 Thin Films and Surfaces
12 Organic Molecules and Bioelectronics

Micro and nano behavior of bio material surfaces and its application

13:15-18:15 A10

6 Thin Films and Surfaces

Oxide electronics at solid-liquid interfaces: Chemistry and device applications

13:15-18:45 A13

7 Beam Technology and Nanofabrication

Surface reaction control by atomic and molecular beams, its development and application

13:30-17:30 S1

8 Plasma Electronics

Computer Simulations for Plasma Processing (state-of-the-art plasma modelling)

13:30-17:15 S2

10 Spintronics and Magnetics

Frontier of Spintronic Materials and Devices

13:15-18:30 B3

17 Nanocarbon Technology

Present and Future of Functional atomic thin film research

Sep. 19 (Fri.) 13:30-16:45 A23

1 Applied Physics in General

Resource Recycling and Energy Utilization from View Point of Applied Physics

13:30-16:15 B2

2 Ionizing Radiation

Behavior of nuclear fuel and fission products during severe accident and activities on decontamination

13:30-17:15 C7

3 Optics and Photonics

Frontiers in Quantum Metrology

13:30-17:30 A18

6 Thin Films and Surfaces

New Frontiers and Future Perspectives in Surface Reaction Observation Using Synchrotron Radiation

9:15-17:00 A4

6 Thin Films and Surfaces
12 Organic Molecules and Bioelectronics

Innovation in R&D of the Flexible Electronics -Toward the Inorganic Flexible Devices-

8:30-18:00 C5

15 Crystal Engineering

Materials Science of Singularity in Nitride semiconductors -Characterization and Crystallography-