2021 Autumn Meeting is held fully online.

In light of the ongoing spread of COVID-19 in Japan, the Japan Society of Applied Physics has decided that the 82nd JSAP Autumn Meeting will be held fully online.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this and appreciate your understanding on our decision.
to hold the 82nd JSAP Autumn Meeting 2021 in hybrid format for the following reasons. 
1) To create an opportunity for students and young scientists to make face-to-face presentations.
2) To acquire the knowledge and skills to organize our meetings in various formats.
3) To make available to a larger audience the memorial symposium for Pro. Isamu Akasaki by delivering it online.

We might switch to fully virtual depending on the situation.

※updated on August 20

Dates Oral Sessions: September 10(Fri.)-13(Mon.)

Poster Sessions: September 21(Tue.)-23(Thu.)

Oral Sessions Dates: September 10(Fri.)-13(Mon.)

・Speaker can choose whether they speak at the venue or online.

・Speakers who wish to speak onsite must complete the registration during the early registration period.

・Sessions will be presented live via Zoom meeting.

・Symposiums will be recorded if we get approval from the organizers and make available for the participants to watch during September 21(Tue.) to 27(Mon.), 2021.

・No other sessions except symposia will be recorded.

・ Speakers residing outside of Japan can submit their presentations recorded beforehand. Our conference staff will play the clips on the scheduled time.

 Poster Sessions Dates: September 21(Tue.)-23(Thu.)

・Will be held online, using the same platform as this spring meeting’s.

・Each poster presenters is allotted 100 minutes including 50 minutes core time.

・Speaker are required to be present in their allocated Zoom meeting room during their presentation time to answer questions from participants.

・See  the poster presentation guidelines for the details.

・A poster presentation is NOT eligible for the Young Scientist Presentation Award in this spring meeting.

Welcome Reception Will NOT be held either onsite nor online.
Exhibition Will be held both onsite and online.
Registration Early Registration (until August 23 (Mon.)
*Participants can choose to attend “onsite” or “online” upon registration.
JSAP Regular Member/ JSAP’s Partner Society Member: 12,000 JPY, Student (Speaker): 3,000 JPY, JSAP Senior Member/ JSAP Life Member: 4,000 JPY, Non-member: 23,000 JPYLate Registration (August 30 (Mon.) to September 23(Thu.)
*Participants can only register for online participation.
JSAP Regular Member/ JSAP’s Partner Society Member: 18,000 JPY, Student (Speaker): 5,000 JPY, JSAP Senior Member/ JSAP Life Member: 7,000 JPY, Non-member: 30,000 JPY*Onsite participants must be any of the followings;
・session chairs, symposium organizers
・speakers at oral sessions
・supervisors of student speakers
Those mentioned above do not necessarily attend onsite.*Those who wish to attend onsite must complete the registration during the early registration period.

*Those who chose “online participation” can not change it to “onsite participation” after the early registration deadline.
*Students who will be attending without presenting are waived from the registration fee. Must be registered during early registration period.

Extended Abstracts DVD The extended abstracts DVD will not be distributed to the participants.
All the abstracts can be downloaded on the conference web program.
The extended abstracts DVD will be published in a small volume and available for purchase.
Official Guidebook Official guidebooks will be enclosed with the September issue of our membership journal “OYO BUTURI”
For the JSAP student members and non-members, please view the web program or the official guidebook PDF on the conference website.
Meeting Badge Will not be delivered. If you are attending onsite, please print out your name badge on the My Page of the Participant Portal.