Symposium (*open to public)

Date Hours Room No. Symposium Title
March 13 (Fri.) 10:00-12:10 A307 NT-2 *open to public
Critical Role of Semiconductors in Auto Industry: Future of automotive semiconductors and Challenges by Cutting-Edge researchers
13:30-17:10 A307 T-1  *open to public **In corporation with The Japan Institute of Electronics Packaging(JIEP)
Emerging devices, architectures and systems for the post-Moore’s Law era
13:30-18:00 A304 NT-1 *open to public
Development of emerging talent in applied physics through diversity promotion – what JSAP can/should do –
March 14 (Sat.) 13:30-17:30 A304 NT-3 *open to public
To accelerate social implementations of applied-physic technologies related to integrated circuits

Symposium (technical)

Date Hours Room No. Category
Symposium Title
March 12
13:00-16:45 B414 T-4

3.Optics and Photonics

New developments in computing technique based on optical neural network

10:00-17:15 A301 T-23


Development of multinary compounds based on engineering for diverse stable phases -Future Materials Exploring Initiative ~Future of Environment and Energy Materials~

13:30-16:45 A410 T-24


IoT devices and technologies in production fields

13:30-17:30 A307 T-26

15.Crystal Engineering

Materials Science and Advanced Electronics Created by Singularity of Nitride Semiconductors -Frontiers in defect physics: Merging characterization and theory-

March 13
13:30-17:10 A307 T-1

Focused Session “AI Electronics”

 *open to public
Emerging devices, architectures and systems for the post-Moore’s Law era

13:15-16:45 A501 T-3

2.Ionizing Radiation

Recent Advances in Radioisotope Imaging Technology for Plant Science Research

13:30-18:00 B410 T-5

3.Optics and Photonics

Research progress on laser induced periodic surface structure ~What has been revealed? How about the technology outlook?~

13:30-17:30 B414 T-6

3.Optics and Photonics

Applied physics for quantum computer developments

13:30-17:00 A410 T-10

6.Thin Films and Surfaces

Leading edge of all-solid-state batteries: Basics, challenges, and future prospects

13:30-16:45 D215 T-11

6.Thin Films and Surfaces

New developments of surface properties and structural analysis by quantum beams

09:00-16:15 D311 T-14

7.Beam Technology and Nanofabrication

Quantum-beam study of optical functions in transition-metal-compound thin films

13:30-17:20 A205 T-16

8.Plasma Electronics

Forefront of elucidating the mechanism of plasma-induced biological reactions

13:30-17:55 A402 T-18

9.Applied Materials Science

Future developments on energy storage devices ~For improvement of capacitance and reliability~

13:30-16:55 D511 T-19

9.Applied Materials Science/Joint Session M “Phonon Engineering”

Pitfalls in thermoelectric measurements

13:30-17:15 A301 T-20

10.Spintronics and Magnetics

Frontier of Nonvolatile Memory technologies – Spintronic, Phase-change, Resistive and Ferroelectric-

13:30-17:15 A303 T-25


Recent progress in Advanced Ion Microscopy: Application to nano materials and devices

09:00-12:20 A301 T-28

16.Amorphous and Microcrystalline Materials

Advances of Energy Harvesting Technologies for Society 5.0

13:30-17:30 A201 T-29

16.Amorphous and Microcrystalline Materials

Current topics and future prospects of amorphous materials and their device applications

13:30-18:30 A401 T-31

17.Nanocarbon Technology

Science of integrated two-dimensional materials

March 14
14:00-16:40 D419 T-2

1.Interdisciplinary Physics and Related Areas of Science and Technology

Realization, Learning, Environment and Energy

13:30-17:30 B410 T-7

3.Optics and Photonics

Fundamental and applications of spatial light modulation

10:00- 17:05 B414 T-8

3.Optics and Photonics /9.Applied Materials Science

Nano-Materials Science for MIR-THz photonics

09:15- 15:30 A401 T-12

6.Thin Films and Surfaces

New functional memory devices with oxide material and its physics

13:30-18:00 A408 T-13

6.Thin Films and Surfaces/12.Organic Molecules and Bioelectronics

The fusion of multidimensional measurement technologies and data science toward the advancement of bioimaging and biosensing

13:30-17:20 D305 T-15

7.Beam Technology and Nanofabrication

Progresses and future on EUV and soft x-ray imaging techniques

13:30-17:30 A409 T-17

9.Applied Materials Science

Science of Ensemble Phenomenon ~Emergence of Novel Functions and Applications by Harmonization of Complex-States~

13:30-17:35 D411 T-21


Sensing technology realized by superconductor -Recent applications of SQUID-

13:30-18:30 A410 T-22

12.Organic Molecules and Bioelectronics

Organic Transistors: Exploring New Frontiers

13:45- 17:20 A201 T-27

15.Crystal Engineering

Nano-cybernetics of interface bonded at room or low temperature and ultra thin films at heterojunction interface

13:30-18:00 A402 T-30

16.Amorphous and Microcrystalline Materials

Toward construction of academic theory on “module science” with giving cases of solar cells

March 15
09:00-12:10 B409 T-9

3.Optics and Photonics

Disturbance of light propagating the fluctuating media: The way how to measure and overcome it